Genealogy of the Wilson and Maynard families
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Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adams, Abraham  24 Aug 1715Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I11754
2 Adams, Anne  29 Apr 1705Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I11763
3 Adams, Benjamin  8 May 1719Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I11755
4 Adams, Dorothy  25 Jun 1679Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I11780
5 Adams, Elizabeth  1641Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I11784
6 Adams, Hannah  25 Jun 1650Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I11788
7 Adams, Henry  18 Nov 1722Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I11757
8 Adams, Israel  25 Dec 1688Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I11779
9 Adams, Issac  26 Feb 1647Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I11786
10 Adams, Jacob  23 Apr 1649Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I11787
11 Adams, Jacob  13 Sep 1651Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I11789
12 Adams, John  7 Mar 1684Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I11777
13 Adams, Joseph  8 May 1719Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I11758
14 Adams, Mary  1 Sep 1642Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I11785
15 Adams, Mary  16 Jan 1672Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I11773
16 Adams, Mary  26 Sep 1707Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I11762
17 Adams, Matthew  25 May 1686Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I11778
18 Adams, Nathan  17 Jun 1721Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I11756
19 Adams, Richard  22 Nov 1693Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I11781
20 Adams, Robert  12 May 1674Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I11774
21 Adams, Samual  6 Jun 1717Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I11759
22 Adams, Sarah  15 Apr 1681Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I11776
23 Adams, Sarah  29 Sep 1713Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I11760
24 Adams, Stephen  16 Apr 1712Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I11761


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Adams, Hannah  1683Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I11788
2 Adams, Henry  15 Oct 1773Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I11757
3 Adams, Issac  1681Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I11786
4 Adams, Jacob  12 Aug 1649Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I11787
5 Adams, John  1703Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I11782
6 Adams, Mary  1686Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I11785
7 Adams, Mary  17 Jan 1714Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I11773
8 Adams, Matthew  24 Nov 1755Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I11778
9 Adams, Robert  7 May 1676Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I11790
10 Adams, Robert  3 Feb 1769Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I11774
11 Adams, Stephen  1714Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I11761