Genealogy of the Wilson and Maynard families
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Latitude: 39.0457549, Longitude: -76.6412712


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
51 Hearn, Ernest F.  Abt 1873Maryland I541
52 Hearn, Esther  Abt 1835Maryland I446
53 Hearn, George W.  Abt 1836Maryland I437
54 Hearn, Henrietta  Abt 1835Maryland I435
55 Hearn, Hiram  Abt 1802Maryland I441
56 Hearn, Ichabod  Abt 10 Apr 1808Maryland I447
57 Hearn, John A. S.  06 Feb 1846Maryland I455
58 Hearn, John William  Abt 1829Maryland I457
59 Hearn, Joseph S.  Jan 1837Maryland I450
60 Hearn, Lucretia E.  Abt 1842Maryland I453
61 Hearn, Mary E.  Abt 1833Maryland I434
62 Hearn, Noah  Abt 1809Maryland I456
63 Hearn, Noah T.  Abt 1838Maryland I451
64 Hearn, Richard Lemon  Abt 1831Maryland I444
65 Hearn, Thomas S.  Abt 1845Maryland I440
66 Hitch, Nancy  02 Feb 1819Maryland I89
67 Hitch, Samuel George Leonard II  01 Sep 1877Maryland I319
68 Hoffman, Caroline M.  Abt 1884Maryland I523
69 Horsey, Edmund Custis  30 Jan 1812Maryland I570
70 Hurlock, Ada Rachel  16 Aug 1890Maryland I374
71 Jones, Florence J.  1868Maryland I582
72 Jones, Maria S.  02 Jun 1812Maryland I576
73 Jones, Samuel B. D.  1810Maryland I575
74 Kennerly, George E.  May 1882Maryland I546
75 Kennerly, William Alexander  Abt 1815Maryland I102
76 Kennerly, William Arthur  May 1873Maryland I542
77 Knowles, Juanita  25 Feb 1898Maryland I377
78 Lloyd, Elizabeth Carter  Abt 1704Maryland I6671
79 Lloyd, Elizabeth Carter  Abt 1704Maryland I10369
80 Long, Nancy  20 Nov 1794Maryland I498
81 Lowe, Jane  Abt 1806Maryland I442
82 McGrath, John  Abt 1888Maryland I521
83 Mezick, Lillian E.  Abt 1898Maryland I524
84 Mezick, Warren  02 Dec 1844Maryland I509
85 Mezick, William Claude  Abt 1875Maryland I511
86 Mills, Addie May  Aug 1892Maryland I515
87 Mills, Benjamin S.  Feb 1863Maryland I512
88 Mills, Benjamin S. Jr.  Abt 1901Maryland I518
89 Mills, James L.  Jan 1887Maryland I513
90 Mills, John M.  May 1890Maryland I514
91 Mills, Laura E.  29 Aug 1860Maryland I358
92 Mills, Sadie R.  Nov 1897Maryland I516
93 Mitchell, Isaac  Abt 1828Maryland I461
94 Phelps, Florence  Abt 1855Maryland I318
95 Richardson, George M.  Jan 1835Maryland I422
96 Stanford, Henry Laurenson Dashiell  02 Oct 1856Maryland I256
97 Stringer, Katherine Eleanor  Apr 1803Maryland I4113
98 Taylor, Andrew J.  Jul 1845Maryland I404
99 Taylor, Rosa E.  Abt 1841Maryland I462
100 Taylor, William H.  04 Sep 1843Maryland I419

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