Genealogy of the Wilson and Maynard families
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Harrison County, West Virginia



Latitude: 39.33481260000001, Longitude: -80.36586499999998


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Boggess, Cora M.  Abt 1869Harrison County, West Virginia I4062
2 Boggess, Ella Grace  1 Dec 1879Harrison County, West Virginia I4058
3 Boggess, Ferandis  Abt 1864Harrison County, West Virginia I4054
4 Boggess, Harvey H.  Nov 1872Harrison County, West Virginia I4063
5 Boggess, Nettie G.  Jun 1876Harrison County, West Virginia I4064
6 Boggess, Tabitha Bell  23 Feb 1866Harrison County, West Virginia I4055
7 Dolan, Catherine Antoinette  6 Apr 1905Harrison County, West Virginia I1134
8 Dolan, Elizabeth Ann  16 Nov 1908Harrison County, West Virginia I1135
9 Dolan, James Philip  14 Feb 1900Harrison County, West Virginia I1132
10 Dolan, John James Jr.  24 Jun 1897Harrison County, West Virginia I1130
11 Dolan, Margaret Elizabeth  15 Sep 1916Harrison County, West Virginia I3434
12 Dolan, Mary Evelyn  6 Jan 1895Harrison County, West Virginia I1129
13 Dolan, Michael Lee  17 Mar 1901Harrison County, West Virginia I1133
14 Dolan, Patrick Raymond  31 Oct 1892Harrison County, West Virginia I1128
15 Dolan, Sarah Florence  2 Aug 1898Harrison County, West Virginia I1131
16 Jones, Willis Lyle  16 Mar 1907Harrison County, West Virginia I3456
17 Kyle, Mildred  11 Jun 1902Harrison County, West Virginia I1370
18 Moore, Lois  21 May 1902Harrison County, West Virginia I3440
19 Smith, Edward Ramsay  8 Apr 1900Harrison County, West Virginia I1257
20 Southern, Margaret Lucile  22 Sep 1902Harrison County, West Virginia I3438
21 Stout, Calore Virginia  22 Oct 1865Harrison County, West Virginia I1118
22 Stout, Clarence Patterson  17 Sep 1871Harrison County, West Virginia I11963


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Boggess, Ada A,  1 Oct 1881Harrison County, West Virginia I4056
2 Boggess, Augustus  25 Jun 1864Harrison County, West Virginia I1158
3 Boggess, Clara E.  20 Oct 1899Harrison County, West Virginia I4060
4 Boggess, Cora M.  Bef 1900Harrison County, West Virginia I4062
5 Boggess, David Wamsley  3 Jan 1897Harrison County, West Virginia I4047
6 Boggess, Ella Grace  1899Harrison County, West Virginia I4058
7 Boggess, Fielding  12 Aug 1869Harrison County, West Virginia I1150
8 Boggess, Harvey H.  1938Harrison County, West Virginia I4063
9 Boggess, John Robert  18 Feb 1896Harrison County, West Virginia I704
10 Boggess, John Wesley  16 Jul 1895Harrison County, West Virginia I4099
11 Boggess, Mary Magdalline  18 Jun 1876Harrison County, West Virginia I4097
12 Boggess, Stanley T.  5 Aug 1909Harrison County, West Virginia I4061
13 Clifford, Sarah Elizabeth  17 Mar 1949Harrison County, West Virginia I1104
14 Dolan, John James Jr.  20 Jul 1972Harrison County, West Virginia I1130
15 Dolan, Margaret Elizabeth  23 Jun 1995Harrison County, West Virginia I3434
16 Dolan, Patrick Raymond  18 Jun 1977Harrison County, West Virginia I1128
17 Elder, Arthur Debs  31 Aug 1988Harrison County, West Virginia I3473
18 Harden, Sarah Ann  6 Aug 1903Harrison County, West Virginia I4059
19 Robinson, Fernando Asson  17 Nov 1894Harrison County, West Virginia I1208
20 Robinson, Mary Melinda  1 Oct 1881Harrison County, West Virginia I4053
21 Ross, Harrison Morton Goff  21 May 1974Harrison County, West Virginia I1313


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bassell / Boggess  25 Oct 1886Harrison County, West Virginia F506
2 Dolan / Clifford  26 Nov 1891Harrison County, West Virginia F483
3 Hedges / Robinson  15 Apr 1886Harrison County, West Virginia F500
4 Lynch / Robinson  8 Mar 1888Harrison County, West Virginia F510
5 Parr / Boggess  25 Feb 1892Harrison County, West Virginia F494