Genealogy of the Wilson and Maynard families
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Edgefield County, South Carolina



Latitude: 33.8015886, Longitude: -81.95348150000001


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Scurry, Mary  From 1785 to 1792Edgefield County, South Carolina I668
2 Murrell, Samuel G.  abt. 1836Edgefield County, South Carolina I3506
3 Murrell, James H.  1850Edgefield County, South Carolina I3509
4 Murrell, Jacob W.  Abt 1845Edgefield County, South Carolina I3508
5 Murrell, Benjamin L. Jr.  Abt 1842Edgefield County, South Carolina I3507
6 Morse, Sarah  1775Edgefield County, South Carolina I3620
7 Maynard, William  Between 1785 and 1794Edgefield County, South Carolina I673
8 Maynard, Nathaniel  Between 1790 and 1800Edgefield County, South Carolina I677
9 Maynard, Mary  Edgefield County, South Carolina I681
10 Maynard, John  Abt 1785Edgefield County, South Carolina I674
11 Maynard, James  Abt 1791Edgefield County, South Carolina I667
12 Maynard, Elizabeth  Abt 1791Edgefield County, South Carolina I675
13 Maynard, Catherine  Edgefield County, South Carolina I678
14 Matthews, William F.  1802Edgefield County, South Carolina I1683
15 Matthews, Moses  1770Edgefield County, South Carolina I3617
16 Matthews, Josiah Simpson  1 Jun 1818Edgefield County, South Carolina I11800
17 Hatcher, Mary Ann  Abt 1799Edgefield County, South Carolina I3529
18 Hatcher, Lucy  26 Mar 1805Edgefield County, South Carolina I3530
19 Hatcher, Lucy  12 Jun 1778Edgefield County, South Carolina I3528
20 Hatcher, James W.  31 Oct 1817Edgefield County, South Carolina I3532
21 Hatcher, Elizabeth  4 Jan 1822Edgefield County, South Carolina I3533
22 Hatcher, Benjamin W.  15 Sep 1807Edgefield County, South Carolina I3531
23 Hatcher, Benjamin L. Jr.  31 Oct 1772Edgefield County, South Carolina I1174
24 Culbreath, Edward  Abt 1789Edgefield County, South Carolina I676
25 Christian, Sarah  1800Edgefield County, South Carolina I1684
26 Christian, Gideon  1775Edgefield County, South Carolina I3619
27 Martha  1769Edgefield County, South Carolina I3618


Matches 1 to 15 of 15

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Scurry, Mary  Jan 1881Edgefield County, South Carolina I668
2 Murrell, Benjamin L.  Aft 1850Edgefield County, South Carolina I1172
3 Morse, Sarah  1830Edgefield County, South Carolina I3620
4 Matthews, Moses  1830Edgefield County, South Carolina I3617
5 Hatcher, Robert Sr.  3 Mar 1800Edgefield County, South Carolina I3522
6 Hatcher, Rebecca L.  26 Apr 1856Edgefield County, South Carolina I1173
7 Hatcher, Lucy  14 Dec 1834Edgefield County, South Carolina I3528
8 Hatcher, John  4 Dec 1825Edgefield County, South Carolina I3525
9 Hatcher, James W.  27 Jul 1870Edgefield County, South Carolina I3532
10 Hatcher, Elizabeth  25 May 1910Edgefield County, South Carolina I3533
11 Hatcher, Benjamin W.  4 Jul 1885Edgefield County, South Carolina I3531
12 Hatcher, Benjamin L. Jr.  26 Apr 1856Edgefield County, South Carolina I1174
13 Culbreath, Edward  02 Jun 1868Edgefield County, South Carolina I676
14 Christian, Sarah  24 Oct 1824Edgefield County, South Carolina I1684
15 Christian, Gideon  1830Edgefield County, South Carolina I3619