Genealogy of the Wilson and Maynard families
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Somerset County, Maryland



Latitude: 38.2028993, Longitude: -75.69242700000001


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
101 Lowe, James  26 Jun 1756Somerset County, Maryland I17
102 Lowe, Ralph  13 Sep 1762Somerset County, Maryland I219
103 Riggin, Sarah  18 Apr 1676Somerset County, Maryland I932
104 Stanford, Henry Laurenson Dashiell Jr.  Oct 1897Somerset County, Maryland I257
105 Stanford, Marian Waller  Dec 1895Somerset County, Maryland I258
106 Stanford, Martha Wilson  Jan 1899Somerset County, Maryland I259
107 Taylor, Olivia E.  Abt 1845Somerset County, Maryland I530
108 Townsend, John Jr.  18 Jul 1666Somerset County, Maryland I982
109 Truitt, Benjamin Parker  05 Sep 1861Somerset County, Maryland I414
110 Truitt, Charles A.  Abt 1867Somerset County, Maryland I416
111 Truitt, Elnora F.  Abt 1854Somerset County, Maryland I403
112 Truitt, John W.  Abt 1856Somerset County, Maryland I413
113 Truitt, Martha E.  1864Somerset County, Maryland I415
114 Tull, Clara Wilson  25 Jul 1865Somerset County, Maryland I202
115 Tull, Joshua Francis A.  Between 1835 and 1840Somerset County, Maryland I128
116 Tull, Joshua Merrill  14 May 1785Somerset County, Maryland I497
117 Turpin, Ashby  Abt 1862Somerset County, Maryland I603
118 Turpin, Austin C.  May 1865Somerset County, Maryland I605
119 Turpin, May T.  02 Apr 1859Somerset County, Maryland I601
120 Turpin, Thomas  1860Somerset County, Maryland I602
121 Turpin, William Upshur  Nov 1863Somerset County, Maryland I604
122 Venables, Nancy  Somerset County, Maryland I13
123 Wainwright, Georgia A.  Abt 1861Somerset County, Maryland I287
124 Waller, Clarence C. Jr.  Jan 1879Somerset County, Maryland I250
125 Waller, Ellen Wilson  Jun 1886Somerset County, Maryland I255
126 Waller, Marian F.  Dec 1875Somerset County, Maryland I249
127 Waller, William J.  Oct 1881Somerset County, Maryland I260
128 Walter, Nancy  Somerset County, Maryland I11
129 Weatherly, Elizabeth J.  Abt 1844Somerset County, Maryland I289
130 Weatherly, Esther A.  Abt 1858Somerset County, Maryland I295
131 Weatherly, John  Abt 1852Somerset County, Maryland I293
132 Weatherly, Lenora  Abt 1850Somerset County, Maryland I291
133 Weatherly, Levin B.  Abt 1856Somerset County, Maryland I633
134 Weatherly, Marcellus  Abt 1848Somerset County, Maryland I292
135 Weatherly, Mary V.  Abt 1861Somerset County, Maryland I296
136 Weatherly, Peter Dashiell  08 Aug 1805Somerset County, Maryland I243
137 Weatherly, Sarah  Abt 1854Somerset County, Maryland I294
138 Weatherly, William James  Abt 1846Somerset County, Maryland I290
139 Wilson, Adaline  23 Apr 1851Somerset County, Maryland I130
140 Wilson, Adrian  Abt 1849Somerset County, Maryland I203
141 Wilson, Eleanor  05 Nov 1787Somerset County, Maryland I60
142 Wilson, Eleanor  11 Sep 1854Somerset County, Maryland I109
143 Wilson, Eleanor Walter  Abt 1819Somerset County, Maryland I101
144 Wilson, Ephraim  Somerset County, Maryland I622
145 Wilson, Esther A.  Abt 1808Somerset County, Maryland I628
146 Wilson, Esther Ann  1841Somerset County, Maryland I127
147 Wilson, George  20 Jan 1826Somerset County, Maryland I104
148 Wilson, James  Somerset County, Maryland I632
149 Wilson, James  01 Aug 1799Somerset County, Maryland I15
150 Wilson, John Byrd  Abt 1856Somerset County, Maryland I179

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